Ratio-proportion dosage calculations (1st ed )


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Ratio & Proportion Dosage Calculations provides the ease of learning the ratio and proportion method of calculation with a building block approach of the basics. Its consistent focus on safety, accuracy, and professionalism make it a valuable reference for nurses and other allied health professionals. This book uses the Ratio and Proportion method for drug calculations a time-tested approach based on simple mathematical concepts. It helps the reader develop a 'number sense', and largely frees the healthcare professional from the need to memorize formulas.

Unit 1 : Basic Calculation Skills and Introduction to Medical Administration

CHAPTER 1 Review of Arithmetic for Medical Dosage Calculations

Diagnostic Test of Arithmetic

Changing Decimal Numbers and Whole Numbers to Fractions



Changing Fractions to Decimal Numbers

Rounding Decimal Numbers

Rounding Off

Rounding Down

Adding Decimal Numbers

Subtracting Decimal Numbers

Multiplying Decimal Numbers

Dividing Decimal Numbers

Estimating Answers

Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions

Complex Fractions

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Same Denominators

Different Denominators


Percent of Change

Practice Sets

CHAPTER 2 Safe and Accurate Drug Administration

The Drug Administration Process

Six Rights of Medication Administration

The Right Drug

The Right Dose

The Right Route

The Right Time

The Right Patient

The Right Documentation

Drug Prescriptions

Medication Orders

Types of Medication Orders

Components of a Medication Order

Medication Administration Records

Technology in the Medication Administration Process

Drug Labels

Combination Drugs

Drug Package Inserts

Controlled Substances

Practice Sets

CHAPTER 3 Ratio and Proportion




The Mathematics Needed to Solve Proportions

Using Parentheses to Indicate Multiplication

Dividing by 1

Shorthand for Multiplication

Commutative Property


Solving Simple Equations

Solving Proportions

Changing Quantities with Single Units of Measurement

Changing One Rate to Another Rate

Practice Sets

Unit 2: Systems of Measurement

CHAPTER 4 The Metric and Household Systems

The Household System

Liquid Volume in the Household System

Weight in the Household System

Length in the Household System

Decimal Based Systems

The Metric System

Liquid Volume in the Metric System

Weight in the Metric System

Length in the Metric System

Practice Sets

CHAPTER 5 Converting From One System of Measurement to Another

Equivalents of Common Units of Measurement

Metric-Household Conversions

Practice Sets

Unit 3 Oral and Parenteral Medications

CHAPTER 6 Calculating Oral Medication Doses

Simple Problems

Medication in Solid Form

Medication in Liquid Form

Complex Problems

Calculating Dosage by Body Weight

Calculating Dosage by Body Surface Area

BSA Formulas


Case Study 6.1

Practice Reading Labels

Practice Sets

CHAPTER 7 Syringes...