Schaum's outline of modern physics, 2nd ed 1999


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320 p. · 27.3x20.3 cm · Paperback
This revised edition includes two new chapters on elementary particles and superconductivity that reflect major advances in the field. These new chapters include information on quarks, colour and charm quantum numbers, and the nature of high-temperature superconductors.
Part 1:The Special Theory Of Relativity. The Gaililean Transformations. The Postulates of Einstien. The Lorentz Coordinates Transformations. Relativistic Length Contraction. Realistic Time Dilation. Relativistic Space-Time Measurements. Relativistic Velosity Transformations. Mass, Energy, and Momentum in Relativity. Part 2: The Quantum Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation. Electromagnetic Radioation - Photons. Matter Waves. Part 3: Hydrogenlike Atoms. The Bohr Atom. Electron Orbital Motion. Electron Spin. Part 4: Many-Electron Atoms. The Pauli Exclusion Principle. Many-Electron Atoms and the Periodic Table. X-Rays. Part 5: Nuclear Physics. Properties of Nuclei. Nuclear Models. The Decay of Unstable Nuclei. Nuclear Reactions. Particle Physics. Part 6: Atomic Systems. Molecules. Kinetic Theory. Distribution Functions. Classical Statistics: The Macwell-Boltzmann Distribution. Quantum-Statistics: Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein Distributions. Solids. Appendix. Index.