Servsafe essentials spanish (5th ed )

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460 p. · 21.6x27.9 cm · Paperback
As food safety content becomes increasingly complex, it presents more challenges. ServSafe® Essentials Spanish, 5th edition was designed with managers' needs in mind.  This edition has been updated to reflect the changing needs of a diverse and expanding workforce in the foodservice and restaurant industry.  The streamlined delivery of food safety content in the Fifth Edition will create a learning experience that is activity-based and easily comprehended by a variety of learners. The updated book will help readers prepare for examinations, and more importantly, it will promote adherence to food safety practices in the operation. Based on a new job task analysis revised exclusively for the Fifth Edition, the book reflects the latest updates to the FDA Food Code, new science-based and industry best practices and prepares readers for the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. This edition is in Spanish.

Unit 1: The Sanitation Challenge


Chapter 1: Providing Safe Food

Chapter 2: The Microworld

Chapter 3: Contamination, Food Allergens, and Foodborne Illness                   

Chapter 4: The Safe Foodhandler

Unit 2: The Flow of Food through the Operation


Chapter 5: The Flow of Food: An Introduction

Chapter 6: The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage

Chapter 7: The Flow of Food: Preparation

Chapter 8: The Flow of Food: Service


Unit 3:  Food Safety Management Systems, Facilities, and Pest Management


Chapter 9:  Food Safety Management Systems   

Chapter 10: Sanitary Facilities and Equipment

Chapter 11: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Chapter 12: Integrated Pest Management

Chapter 13: Employee Food Safety Training


Appendix:  Implementing Food Safety Practices Learned in the ServSafe Program