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This book presents SLA research as a source of specifications for teachers to explore in their own classrooms. The author sees the four main roles of SLA researchers as developing relevant theories, conducting their own classroom research, making research accessible to teachers, and facilitating action research. Each chapter addresses a major issue in the field of SLA and language teaching.
Acknowledgements. Preface. Part One. Background. Introduction. 1. Second language acquisition research and language pedagogy. Part Two. Making research accessible. Introduction. 2. Grammar teaching and grammar learning. 3. Options in grammar teaching. Part Three. The application of theory. Introduction. 4. A theory of instructed second language acquisition. 5. The structural syllabus and second language acquisition. 6. Acquisition-compatible grammar tasks. Part Four. Second language acquisition research in the classroom. Introduction. 7. Learning to communicate in the classroom. Part Five. The teacher as researcher. Introduction. 8. Focused communication tasks. 9. Micro-evaluation: does a task work?. Part Six. Conclusion. Introduction. 10. Mediation problemsalt,br /agt,. Bibliography. Index.