Social environment and human behavior : diversity perspective.


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Organization of Book I.

General Approach.

1. Theoretical, Conceptual, and Empirical Foundations.

A Multicultural Perspective.

On the Use of Racial and Ethnic Labels

Eclectic Emphasis.

Postmodern and Constructivist Emphasis.

Ethical Emphasis.

On the Importance of Capitalizing on Strengths.

Conceptual/Theoretical and Research Bases.

Building a Knowledge Base: The Place of Theories Theoretical Bases of Knowledge about the Social Environment and Human Behavior Evaluating Theories The Place of Observation and Research in the Knowledge Building Process

The Social, Cultural, and Economic Contexts of Human Behavior.

2. U.S. Cultures.

Basic Elements of Non-Material Culture.

Values Social Norms Mores and Folkways Language

The Road to Acculturation.

Assimilation Biculturalism/Multiculturalism

A Multicultural Perspective.

The U.S. Mainstream Culture.

Activity and Work Achievement and Success Individualism, Freedom, and Independence Efficiency and Practicality Affluence, Material Comfort, and Consumerism Competition Democracy Mobility Openness, Directness, Informality, Egalitarianism, and Equal Opportunity Moralism Humanitarianism and Generosity Self-Fulfillment Perception of Time as a Valuable Resource Emphasis on Progress, Youth, and the Future

African-American Culture.

The Impact of Slavery African-American Core Values Styles of Social Interaction Nonverbal Aspects of Culture Contributions to U.S. Mainstream Culture Some African-American Contributors to U.S. Culture

American Indian Cultures.

Holism, Spiritualism, and Harmony Extended Family Collectivism, Giving, and Sharing Styles of Social Interaction Nonverbal Aspects of Culture Some American Indian Contributors to U.S. Culture

Nondominant Immigrant Cultures.

Immigrants and Refugees Latino Cultures Asian-American Cultures

Gay and Lesbian Cultures.

Surviving in the Underground Coming Out Gay Liberation and Gay Rights New Meeting Places and Organizations Literature and Music Some Gay and Lesbian Contributors to U.S. Culture

The Culture of American Jews.

Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews Major Jewish Holy Days and Festivals Jewish Life-Cycle Ceremonies The Holocaust Some of the Contributions of American Jews to U. S. Culture

3. Society and Human Behavior: The Influence of the Social Class System.

The Societal Context.

Social Stratification and the Social Class System.

Social Class and Life Chances Social Class and Practice Intervention Perspectives on Social Stratification

The Social Class System in Post-Industrial U.S. Society.

The Upper Class The Corporate Class The Upper-Middle Class The Lower-Middle Class The Working Class The Poor

Social Mobility.

Women's Place in the U.S. Class System.

African Americans and the Class System.

The Old Mulatto Elite The Old African-American Middle Class The New African-American Class Structure

4. Society and Human Behavior: Influence of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexual Orientation.

Nondominant Groups.

Ascribed versus Achieved Membership

Racial and Ethnic Groups.

Prejudice, Di