Solving the professional development puzzle (1st ed )


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Written in an engaging, common-sense tone, Solving the Professional Development Puzzle addresses many issues facing graduates in today's ever-changing, demanding workplace. From working in a global space to dining with class to constructing a powerful resume, this book offers an abundance of activities, advice, examples, and suggestions for developing a power job search plan. Strong coverage of ethics and character development is included, as well as a detailed chapter on financial management in the transition from college to the world of work including advice on buying a car, avoiding credit card debt, and running from check cashing centers.

Chapter 1 Discovering Who You Are: Setting Yourself Apart and Finding Your Direction

1 Know Who You Are and Where You're Going

2 Recognize and Own Your Strengths

3 Identify Your Personality Type and Use It to Best Advantage

4 Know What You Want from Life and Work

5 Identify and Emulate Your Role Models

6 Determine What You Value

7 Recognize the Power of Your Values and Beliefs

8 Understand Your Emotional Responses

9 Articulate Your Hopes and Goals

10 Choose Optimism and Surround Yourself with Optimistic People

Chapter 2 Cultivating Your Character and Ethics: Who Are You When No One Is Looking?

11 Understand the Dynamics of Ethics, Integrity, and Character

12 Be Proud of Your Name and Reputation

13 Develop and Maintain a Strong Moral Character

14 Develop a Resilient Work Ethic

15 Understand the True Nature of Respect

16 Avoid Moral Bankruptcy

17 Be Trustworthy

18 Honor Your Commitments

19 Develop a Strong Guiding Statement and Integrity Plan

Chapter 3 Designing Your Job Search, Writing Your Cover Letter, and Selling Yourself through Your Resume: Selling Yourself

20 Focus on Your Job Search Plan

21 Leave No Stone Unturned

22 Know Your Employer's Expectations

23 Use Effective Keywords to Showcase Your Talents and Experiences

24 Sell Yourself with Confidence

25 Write a Powerful and Concise Cover Letter

26 Understand the Do's and Don'ts of Memorable Resumes

27 Build a Timely Chronological Resume

28 Construct a Skillfully Written Functional Resume

29 Construct a Telling Accomplishment Resume

30 Choose Appropriate References

31 Design and Distribute Attractive Personal Business Cards

32 Give Serious Attention to Job Application Guidelines and Details

Chapter 4 Communicating and Interviewing with Confidence and Class: The Impression of a Lifetime

33 Understand the Importance of Human Communication

34 Make a Powerful, Positive, and Lasting First Impression

35 Hone Your Interpersonal Communication Skills

36 Observe and Improve Your Body Language (Nonverbal Communication)

37 Speak with Authority and Clarity

38 Be Prepared for the...