Spinal cord dysfunction Vol.3 : Functional stimulation.

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The third volume in a series on spinal cord dysfunction, this book looks at restoration of function after spinal cord damage from the point of view of identification of impaired or absent function in nerve cells and processes which survive after the initial insult, with impaired function.
PART I: EXPERIMENTAL AND MATHEMATICAL ASPECTS: L.S. Illis: Recovery in the central nervous system and the experimental background of central functional stimulation; L. Vodovnik, & A. Stefanovska: Engineering and mathematical aspects of functional stimulation (peripheral and spinal cord); B. Coburn: A theoretical study of epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord; G. Vrbova & M.B. Lowrie: Experimental nerve-muscle stimulation; R.B. Borgens: Applied voltages in spinal cord reconstruction: history, strategies, and behavioural models; PART II: CLINICAL ASPECTS: (A) PERIPHERAL STIMULATION: G.L. Kidd: Patterned electrical stimulation; M.M. Dimitrijevic & M.R. Dimitrijevic: Clinical practice of functional stimulation; I.D. Swaine: Conditioning of skeletal muscle by long-term functional electrical stimulation - implications for the development of practical systems; A. Tallala & J.W. Bloom: Sacral stimulation for bladder control; R.I. Hallan, U.J. Patel, & N.S. Williams: Functional electrical stimulation of the anal sphincter; (B) CENTRAL STIMULATION: L.S. Illis, & J-U. Krainick: Spinal cord stimulation for pain; L.E. Augustinsson, B. Linderoth, & C. Mannheimer: Spinal cord stimulation in various ischaemic conditions; L.S. Illis: Spinal cord stimulation in spasticity and bladder dysfunction; R.F. Venn: Biochemical changes in relation to spinal cord and deep brain stimulation; (C) FUNCTIONAL NEUROCHEMICAL STIMULATION: R.M. Hermann: Spinal opioidergic activation: spinal, somatic, and vesical reflexes, and spasticity.