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This book is designed to help both students and the general reader gain a practical understanding of the strategic marketing process, and how it can be applied to a variety of real-life organisational and national environments. As a case book it encourages readers to develop a strategic mindset towards the development of marketing programmes. The cases are based upon primary information and many are complemented by financial data, thus allowing readers to become insiders rather than observers. Cases are supported by sections on relevant theory and specific learning notes.

Part one introduces and reviews relevant strategic marketing concepts and practices. Introductory chapters explore the strategy/marketing interface, the conventional strategic marketing process and some contemporary challenges to established practices.

Part two gives readers the chance to apply strategic marketing principles to a variety of situations, and information is introduced to emphasise the urgency of the situation, whilst the reality of the fiancial data serves to constrain the submission of unrealistic marketing programmes.

Strategic Marketing: Cases, Concepts and Challenges is essential reading for students and practitioners who wish to bridge strategic marketing theory and practice in the wider organisational context. The text is suitable for students of marketing and strategy at undergraduate, professional and masters levels.

Part 1.
Strategic Marketing: Concepts, Processes and Challenges.
The Strategy/Marketing Interface.
The Strategy Marketing Planning Process.
Challenges: Old Dogs xxx, New Tricks.
Part 2.
Case Studies.