Stress analysis of fibre reinforced composite materials


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Focusing on the mechanics aspect of fiber-reinforced composite materials, this new text develops the classic lamination theory and discusses stresses due to applied deformations, applied loads, and temperature changes. A set of examples is introduced early in the text and built upon as additional concepts are developed. These examples provide continuity and allow students to evaluate the impact of more complex issues as the book progresses. Implications and interpretations of the various simplifying assumptions are also reinforced throughout the text.
1 Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials 2 Linear Elastic Stress-Strain Characteristics of Fiber-Reinforced Material 3 Prediction of Engineering Properties Using Micromechanics 4 The Plane-Stress Assumption 5 Plane-Stress, Stress-Strain Relations in a Global Coordinate System 6 Classical Lamination Theory: The Kirchoff Hypothesis 7 Classical Lamination Theory: Lamination Stiffness Matrix 8 Classical Lamination Theory: Additonal Examples 9 Failure Theories for Fiber-Reinforced Materials Maximum Stress Criterion 10 Failure Theories for Fiber-Reinforced Materials The TSAI-Wu Criterion 11 Environmentally-Induced Stresses in Laminates 12 Through-Thickness Laminate Strains 13 Introduction to Fiber-Reinforced Laminated Planes 14 Appendix Manufacturing Composite Laminates