Syllabus design (Paper)
Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education Series


Directors of collection: Candlin C. N., Widdowson H. G.

Language: Anglais
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166 p. · 17.3x24.7 cm · Paperback
An introduction to language syllabus planning, aimed at teachers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the principles involved in selecting, grading and integrating the elements of a syllabus. The book combines text and task, allowing teachers to relate the subject to their own experience.
The author and series editors. Introduction. Section One: Defining syllabus design. 5.6 Conclusion. Section Two: Demonstrating syllabus design. 9.4 Conclusion. Section Three: Exploring syllabus design. 10.6 Objectives. Glossary. Further reading. Bibliography. Acknowledgements.