Teaching students with special needs in general education classrooms (8th ed )


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Teaching Special Students in General Education Classrooms, 8e, benefits all students in the Inclusion and Introduction to Special Education and Courses by providing teachers with the skills needed to deal with the complex and often perplexing diversity that lies behind the classroom door. All students, particularly those with special learning needs, deserve special care and special teaching. This reader-friendly, categorically organized text takes a case-based approach to contextualize the laws, organizational information, and teaching methods educators need to know to teach all children effectively. Paying closer attention to the important ideas of Response to Intervention and Universal Design, assessment and the needs of English learners, and dedicating an entire new chapter to assistive technology, this comprehensive new edition continues to break new ground in preparing general educators for the challenges and opportunities of the inclusive classroom.

Features Include:

MyEducationLab! Margin notes throughout the text lead users to online, video-based assignments and lessons that deepen content comprehension.

Student Stories presented at the beginning of each chapter help the reader frame the content that will follow.

Inclusion Tips for Teachers sections answer common questions regarding inclusion practices and offer practical tips for classroom teachers.

Window on the Web features introduce readers to websites that offer valuable information about special education, general education, or the teaching-learning process.

Spotlight on Technology sections feature up-to-date software and assistive technology devices recommended for students with special needs.

Teaching Special Students in General Education Classrooms, 8th Edition

I. Introduction
Chapter 1-Success for All Students in the General Education Classroom
Chapter 2-Collaboration and the Team Approach
Chapter 3-Students with Disabilities and Other Types of Special Needs
Chapter 4-Diversity in Today's Classrooms

II. Skills for the General Education Teacher
Chapter 5-Adapting Instruction
Chapter 6-Encouraging Positive Classroom Behavior
Chapter 7 Promoting Social Acceptance
Chapter 8 Coordinating the Classroom Learning Environment
Chapter 9-Assistive Technology

III. Strategies for Teaching Students with Disabilities
Chapter 10-Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
Chapter 11-Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Chapter 12-Teaching Students with Behavior Disorders
Chapter 13-Teaching Students with Communication Disorders
Chapter 14-Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Chapter 15-Teaching Students with Physical, Health, Visual, and Hearing Impairments

IV. Strategies for Teaching Students with Other Types of Special Needs
Chapter 16-Teaching English Language Learners

Chapter 17-Students Who Are Gifted and Talented