The 80386, 80486 & Pentium microprocessors: hardware, software & interfacing


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1. Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers.
2. Real-Addressed Mode Software Architecture of the 80386DX Microprocessor.
3. Assembly Language Programming.
4. Machine Language Coding and the Debug Software Development Program of the PC/AT-Compatible Microcomputer.
5. Real-Mode 80386DX Microprocessor Programming I.
6. Real-Mode 80386DX Microprocessor Programming II.
7. Assembly Language Program Development with the Microsoft MASM Assembler.
8. Protected-Mode Software Architecture of the 80386DX.
9. The 80386DX Microprocessor and Its Memory and Input/Output Interfaces.
10. Memory Devices, Circuits, and Subsystem Design.
11. Input/Output Interface Circuits and LSI Peripheral Devices.
12. Interrupt and Exception Processing of the 80386DX Microprocessor.
13. 80386DX PC/AT Microcomputer System Hardware.
14. PC/AT Bus Interfacing, Circuit Construction, Testing, and Troubleshooting.
15. The 80486 Microprocessor Family.
16. The Pentium® Processor Family.
Answers to Selected Assignments.