The 8051 family of microcontrollers (paper)


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This new text introduces students to the Intel 8051 family of microcontrollers from both a hardware and software standpoint, giving them all of the background they need to construct a design project using an embedded controller. A wealth of realistic examples are included, from simplest applications to complex multi-processor systems, illustrating the 8051 teamed to real devices using standard interface techniques such as power drivers and analog-digital/digital-analog conversion. Both assembly language and C language are used in examples, to show the greatest possible range of applications, and to highlight the particular merits of each language. While assembly language is covered in detail, it is assumed that the reader will learn C language elsewhere.
1. Microcomputer Fundamentals.
2. 8051 Embedded Controller Hardware.
3. Software.
4. Built-In Peripherals.
5. External Peripherals.
6. Advanced Topics.
7. Project Development.
  • All material in the text is based on realistic applications. Hardware examples described in the text have either been built and tested or are modifications of already- working systems, and software examples have been tested on real hardware.
  • Three complete applications projects illustrate the power and effectiveness of microcontrollers. Students are guided through the building of real, workable devices that use the 8051, including an incubator system, a keyless entry system, and a remote data collection system.
  • Strong coverage of general microprocessor principles gives students the background they need to work with all microprocessors and microcontrollers.
  • The texts handbook style presentation creates a volume that will serve students well after this course, in sub