The Auditory System in Sleep


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This book presents for the first time a view of a sensory system working in a different state-that of the sleeping brain. The auditory system is always “open” receiving information from the environment and the body itself (conscious and unconscious data). Even during sleep the auditory information is processed, although in a different way. This book draws information from evoked potentials, fMRI, PET, SPECT, lesions, etc., together with electrophysiological online data in order to depict how the auditory system single unit activity, recorded during sleep, revealed the possibility of sensory information participation in sleep processes.

* Presents diverse experimental viewpoints from the beginning of classical electroencephalography to the more recent imaging, single units, electro-magneto-encephalography studies, etc.
* Includes classic data as well as new data based in the existing literature and on the long scientific research lines (auditory and sleep) developed by the author and coworkers on this subject since 1963
1. General Introduction; 2. Auditory System Organization and its Physiologic Basis; 3. Physiologic Basis of Sleep; 4. Information Precessing; 5. Auditory Information Processing during Sleep; 6. Auditory Influences on Sleep; 7. Conclusions
Basic sleep and auditory system researchers (human and animal research) from all over the world. MD´s in the Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine area from any country. Students, both in basic (Master and Doctorate degree) as well as in clinical field (MD students, residents and young MD´s looking forward to be part of Otolaryngology and/or Sleep Medicine.
Dr. Velluti is a Free Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at U. ClAEH in Uruguay. He was previously a Professor of Physiology & Chairman of the Physiology Department, Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay. He has published over 63 publications and has authored two books dealing with sleep, the auditory system, and neurophysiology.