The evolution of american urban society (7th ed )


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(NOTE: Each chapter contains a Bibliography and Notes section.



Chapter One: Urban America in the Colonial Age, 1500 1776

Urban Beginnings

Problems of Growth

The Social Mosaic

Cities in the American Revolution



Chapter Two: Urban Expansion in the New Nation, 1776-1860

Cities in the New Republic

Revolutions in Transportation and the Economy


Beginnings of Urban Industrialism

Societal Effects of Economic Change

Problems of Growth



Chapter Three: Life in the Walking City, 1820 1865

The Walking City

Social Complexity and Contested Terrain


Rootless Men and Women

Urban Politics

Cities and the Civil War



Chapter Four: Industrialization and the Changing Shape of the City, 1865 1920

The Quickening Pace of Industrialization

The Growth of Mass Transit

The Geography of the Streetcar City

The Geography of Leisure: Parks and Commercial Amusements

Population Mobility



Chapter Five: Newcomers and the Urban Core, 1865 1920

Waves of Immigration

Rural Americans Move to the City

Housing and Health

Coping With Inner-City Life

Patterns of Social Mobility



Chapter Six: Bosses and Reformers in City Politics, 1870-1920

Origins of the Machine

Structure and Functions of the Machine

Some Notable Cases

City Governance and Municipal Reform

Goals and Tactics of Municipal Reform



Chapter Seven: Reforming the Social and Physical Environment, 1870-1920

Impulses of Social Reform

Remedies of Social Reformers

Religious and Moral Reform

Educational Reform


Planning and Engineering the City

Reform Becomes Progressivism

The Rise of Urban Liberalism



Chapter Eight: Cities in an Age of Metropolitanism:  The 1920s and 1930s

New Urban Growth

Suburbanization and Metropolitanism

Cities and Consumer Culture

Cities as a Cultural Battleground

Urban Politics in the 1920s

The Great Depression

Relief and Welfare


Political and Social Life in the 1930s



Chapter Nine: The Emerging 'Urban Crisis,' 1941 1975

The Impact of World War II on Cities

Postwar Suburban Growth

Racial Transition in Urban Neighborhoods

Urban Renewal and its Consequences

Currents of Protest

Changes in Urban Politics



Chapter Ten: New Hope and New Concerns in the American City

Deindustrialization and Financial Crisis

The Decline of Federal Urban Policy

Dual Cities: Rich and Poor in a Changing Economy

Privatization, Gambling and Tourism

The Federal Government and the Cities in the 1990s And 2000s

Revitalization and Gentrification

Immigration and Diversity

Changing Suburbs

The Disasters in New York and New Orleans