The Evolution of the US-Japan Alliance
The Eagle and the Chrysanthemum

Chandos Asian Studies Series Series


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The US-Japan alliance has contributed significantly towards the development of the Japanese security strategy. The Evolution of the US-Japan Alliance explores developments in the alliance between the US and Japan and analyzes the transformation of the Japanese security strategy from 1960 to 2013. It also describes the rise and the decline of Japanese pacifism and of the Yoshida Doctrine, the post war security strategy. Moreover, this book highlights how the end of the Cold War forced Japan to rethink its security strategy and post war pacifism. Japan has abandoned its identity of “peaceful nation”, turning itself into a “normal national”, drawing closer to the United States.

  • Provides readers with a theoretical framework through which they can make sense of the evolutions of the US-Japan alliance and the evolution of the Japanese security strategy throughout post war history.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the shifts in the Japanese security strategies and in the American foreign and security policies in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Makes extensive use of primary sources.
  • Addresses main debates on security alliances and security strategies.
  • Incorporates the latest events such as the American Pivot to Asia.

Asymmetric alliances in theory: Introduction; Asymmetric alliances in theory; How alliances evolve; The alliance game; Hypotheses; From theory to history; Since the creation of the alliance to the Nixon doctrine (1960-1969): ; Japan and the alliance during the détente (1969-1978): Renewal of the alliance and "normalization" of Japan, 1997-2008; :The alliance and the American Pivot to Asia (2008-2013); Conclusion.

Academics and practitioners in the Library and Information Science field; academic and public librarians; archivists and information professionals in museums
Dr. Matteo Dian is a Research Fellow at School of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna. He received his Ph.D. in political science from the Italian Institute of Human Sciences (Scuola Normale Superiore) in Florence. He held visiting positions at University of Oxford, London School of Economics, the Johns Hopkins SAIS (Bologna Center), and the European University Institute. He also taught at the University of Bologna, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, and at the overseas programs of the James Madison University, Kent State University and Vanderbilt University. He is also author of The Evolution Of The Us-Japan Alliance: The Eagle And The Chrysanthemum (Chandos Books, 2014) and co-editor of The Chinese Challenge To The Western Order (FBK Press, 2014)