The history of neuroscience in autobiography


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This fifth book of autobiographical essays by distinguished senior neuroscientists includes contributions by Samuel H. Barondes, Joseph E. Bogen, Alan Cowey, David R. Curtis, Ennio De Renzi, John S. Edwards, Mitchell Glickstein, Carlton C. Hunt, Lynn T. Landmesser, Rodolfo Llinas, Alan Peters, Martin Raff, Wilfred Rall, Mark R. Rosenzweig, Arnold Bernard Scheibel, and Gerald Westheimer. This collection of fascinating essays should inform and inspire students and working scientists alike. The general reader interested in science may also find the essays absorbing, as they are essentially human stories about commitment and the pursuit of knowledge.
Samuel H. Barondes.Joseph E. Bogen.Alan Cowey.David R. Curtis.Ennio De Renzi.John S. Edwards.Mitchell Glickstein.Carlton C. Hunt.Lynn T. Landmesser.Rodolfo Llinas.Alan Peters.Martin Raff.Wilfred Rall.Mark R. Rosenzweig.Arnold Bernard Scheibel.Gerald Westheimer.
Students and researchers in neuroscience and neurology.