The principal ship


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This is a core text for the principalship course, which in one of the five basic courses required of students seeking to become school principals. It will be the first text to view the principalship from the perspective of social role theory. Consequently, the book treats school leadership as a process of adaptive social interaction that applies to all level of schooling (school, departmental, classroom) within any type of school configuration - traditional or innovative
SECTION ONE: LEADERSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL WORK GROUPS CHAPTER 1: Forms of Professional Knowledge CHAPTER 2: Connecting Knowledge and Action CHAPTER 3: The Social Context of Leadership CHAPTER 4: The Principal and the School SECTION TWO: A CONTINUUM OF KNOWLEDGE: EXPERIENTIAL AND EMPIRICAL WAYS OF KNOWING CHAPTER 5: Principals and Their Work CHAPTER 6: Leadership and Leader Succession CHAPTER 7: Principals as Formal Leaders CHAPTER 8: Principals Effects on Student and School Outcomes SECTION THREE: TRANSITION TO LEADERSHIP: THEORIES OF PROFESSIONAL WORK AND PERSONAL GROWTH IN THE PRINCIPALSHIP CHAPTER 9: On Becoming a Principal CHAPTER 10: Leadership as Interaction CHAPTER 11: The Social and Psychological Foundations of Leadership CHAPTER 12: Developing a Personal Framework for Leadership