Workplace skills for success with autocad 2009

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With a focus on fundamental skill development, AutoCAD Workskills for Success with AutoCAD 2009- Basics is designed around the 'Draw-Modify-Dimension-Print' cycle and focuses on the drawing skills needed to produce 2 dimensional drawings. Taking a layered learning approach, it builds skills gradually rather than overwhelming readers immediately with numerous commands or procedures. Projects, assignments, examples and tutorials draw from the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Complete with a resource disk andcompanion website, thebook emphasizes both knowledge and productivity as the means for being successful in the workplace.

UNIT 1. AutoCAD Introduction and Overview

UNIT 2.Creating and Working with AutoCAD Files

UNIT 3.Fundamental Drawing and Modifying Commands

UNIT 4.Fundamental Viewing and Inquiry Commands

UNIT 5.Elementary Dimensioning

UNIT 6.Fundamentals of the Plot/Printing Process

UNIT 7.Intermediate Drawing and Modifying

UNIT 8.Fundamentals of Layers, Groups, and Blocks

UNIT 9.Editing with Grips

UNIT 10.Tabels, Cells, and Fields Fundamentals

UNIT 11. More About AutoCAD Screens and Commands



Menus and Toolbars

Command Alias LIst for AutoCAD

AutoCAD Setting Variables