ESD Basics: from semiconductor manufacturing to use
From Semiconductor Manufacturing to Product Use


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This highly accessible book explains ESD in the manufacturing environment, in chip design, and present day systems. It also fully explains the fundamentals of electrostatic discharge, its solutions, mechanisms, manufacturing, and chip and system design. Discusses system level ESD failures and system level events, latchup, EMI, EMC, and EOS. Explores ESD failures in equipment, such as hand held devices, servers and disk drives, and technologies such as semiconductors, MEMS and automobiles. Incorporates case studies and a thorough conclusion discussing product life cycle.
Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Electrostatics. Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Manufacturing and Electrostatics. Chapter 3. ESD, EOS, EMI, EMC and Latchup. Chapter 4. System Level ESD. Chapter 5. ESD Chip Protection. The Problem and the Cure. Chapter 6. ESD System Level Issues – Problems and Solutions. Chapter 7. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) in the Future.