Coastal Management
Global Challenges and Innovations

Coordinators: Krishnamurthy R. R., Jonathan M.P., Srinivasalu Seshachalam, Glaeser Bernhard

Language: Anglais

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Coastal Management: Global Challenges and Innovations focuses on the resulting problems faced by coastal areas in developing countries. Coastal management approaches must be constantly reexamined and updated for target groups including researchers, field practitioners, planners, and policy makers. This book gathers, compiles, and interprets the recent developments starting from paleo-coastal climatic conditions to present climatic conditions which influence the coastal resources. The chapters included in this book cover almost all aspects of coastal area management, including sustainability, coastal communities, Hazards, Ocean Currents and environmental monitoring.

  • Contributions from a global pool of authors with a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines , making this an authoritative and compelling reference
  • Presents the appropriate tools used in monitoring and controlling coastal management along innovative approaches towards community participation and implementation of bottom-up approaches
  • Includes case studies from across the world, to allow for a thorough comparison of situations in both developing and developed countries

1. Importance Of Coastal Area Management In Present Day Context 2. An Approach Towards Integrated Farming Systems For Coastal Communities 3. Integrated Mangrove Tide-Fed Aquaculture System 4. Conservation And Management Of Coral Reef Ecosystem In The Gulf Of Mannar 5. Morphological Changes In Coastal Inlets Of Tamil Nadu 6. Shoreline Changes And Management 7. Multihazard Vulnerability Of Kanchipuram Coast, Tamil Nadu 8. Water Quality Changes Along Kanchipuram Coast 9. Water Quality Changes Along The Chennai Coast, Tamil Nadu 10. Groundwater Geochemisty Of Coastal Aquifers Of Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu 11. Environmental Assessment Of Coastal Lakes In Parts Of Tamil Nadu Coast 12. Environmental Management Of Pulicat Lake, Tamil Nadu Coast 13. Environmental Quality Monitoring Of Vellar And Colerron Estuaries In Tamil Nadu 14. Environmental Management Issues Due To Solid Waste Disposal In Coastal Urban Centers Of Tamil Nadu 15. Nearshore Pollution Monitoring Using Benthic Foraminifera 16. Study On Coastal Zone Management Initiatives In North Chennai Coast 17. Ocean Acidification And Its Impact On Coast 18. Local Residents’ Alliance For Disaster Risk Reduction In A Vulnerable Coastal Site Of Tamil Nadu 19. Space Based Measurement Of Rainfall Over Inida And Nearby Ocean Using Remote Sensing Applications 20. Multitude Remote Sensing Data In Monitoring Of Coastal Land Use And Land Cover 21. Management Of Coral Reefs In Gulf Of Mannar Using Remote Sensing And GIS 22. Advancements In Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy For Coastal Resources And Environmental Mapping 23. Application Of Open Source WebGIS Mangrove Areas Management 24. Wind Energy Potential In The Coastline Of Tamil Nadu