Fundamentals of Biofuel Production Processes


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Focusing on fundamentals of biofuel production from renewable energy sources and biohydrogen production, this book offers a complete understanding of the bioconversion processes. Each chapter begins with a fundamental explanation for general readers and ends with in-depth scientific details suitable for expert readers. It discusses different types of production technologies covering basic concepts, production strategies, commercial usage, and advances.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Biofuels.  Chapter 2: Biofuels production from renewable energy sources.  Chapter 3: Microorganisms involved in biofuel production processes.  Chapter 4: Biochemical pathways for the biofuel production.  Chapter 5: Molecular biological approaches for the improvement of biofuels production.  Chapter 6: Biohydrogen production by dark fermentation process.  Chapter 7: Biohydrogen production by photobiological processes.  Chapter 8: Biomethanation.  Chapter 9: Bioethanol.  Chapter 10: Biobutanol.  Chapter 11: Biodiesel.  Chapter 12: Microbial electrochemcial technologies and their applications.  Chapter 13: Effect of reactor configurations on gaseous biofuel production.  Chapter 14: Scale-up and case studies of biofuel production processes.  Chapter 15: Energy and economic analysis of biofuel production processes.  Index.