Defining issues in english language teaching
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This book goes back to basics by investigating fundamental assumptions about the way English should be defined and taught as a school subject. It looks at different attitudes to English, and developments in its description, and it critically examines current proposals for the specification of course content and classroom methodology, with particular reference to ideas about authenticity and task-based learning.
Preface. Acknowledgementsalt,br /agt,. 1. The theory of practice. 2. Parameters in language pedagogy. 3. Proper words in proper places. 4. The ownership of English. 5. English as an international language. 6. English for specific purposes. 7. The scope of linguistic description. 8. The appropriate language for learning. 9. Pedagogic design. 10. Metalanguage and interlanguage. 11. Bilingualization and localized learning. 12. Taking account of the subjectalt,br /agt,. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index of names. Index.