Electronic devices on discrete components for industrial & power engineering


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Providing a smooth transition from theory to application, Electronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial and Power Engineering covers operating principles and examples of functional units for automation devices. The book provides detailed descriptions of different functional units and automation devices for industry and power engineering that have been implemented with modern discrete electronic elements, instead of microelectronics or microprocessor-based technologies. It includes information on modern components including miniature vacuum and high power reed switches, high-voltage bipolar transistors, thyristors, dinistors, as well as new high-voltage IGBT and FET.
Solid-State Electronics Elements. Reed Switches. High-Voltage Reed Relays. Elementary Function Modules. Simples Protective Relays on Discrete Components. Improvement of Microprocessor-Based Protective Relays. Automatic Devices for Power Engineering.
Practical design engineers, technicians, and experimenters working in industrial automation and power engineering, students and lecturers of technical colleges.