Procurement of hospitality resources (1st ed )


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Taking a value-oriented approach, Procurement of Hospitality Resources emphasizes how buyers must maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their suppliers-rather than taking a strict win/lose pricing strategy. Offering a global vision, it includes specialty foods, such as organic, Kosher and Halal foods, and devotes entire chapters to evaluation, international purchasing, and procurement for hotels. Students are directed to additional on-line resources through in-text features and mini case projects provide ample opportunity to apply concepts in individual and group settings.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Foundation of Procurement

Chapter 1. Scope of Procurement

Hospitality Industry Overview

What is Procurement?

Objectives of Effective Procurement

Overview of Procurement

Factors Affecting Procurement

Roles of Procurement Team Members

Evolution of Procurement Systems

Chapter 2. Product Flow Through the Marketplace

Distribution Channels

Channel Flow Begins With the Order

Supply Chain Management and Hospitality Purchases

Case Study: Franchisor Food Distribution System

Chapter 3. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Procurement

Legal Aspects of Procurement

Ethical Aspects of Procurement

Part 2: Management of the Procurement Process

Chapter 4. Quality and Purchasing Specifications

What is Quality?

Purchase Specifications: Overview

Development of Purchase Specifications

Purchase Specifications Information

Implementing Purchase Specifications

Chapter 5. Make or Buy Analysis


Responsibilities For Make or Buy Decisions

Factors Impacting Make or Buy Analysis

Close Look At Make or Buy Analysis Process

Examples of Make or Buy Cost Comparisons

Implementing Results of Make or Buy Analysis

Evaluating Make or Buy Decisions

Chapter 6. Determining Purchase Quantities

Correct Purchase Quantities Are Important

Factors Affecting Purchasing Quantities

Traditional Purchasing Methods

Forecasting And Production Schedules

Non-traditional Purchasing Systems

Chapter 7. Managing the Purchase Price

Determinants of Sellers' Prices

Specific Factors Affecting Hospitality Pricing

Price Discounts

Services Pricing

Chapter 8. Supplier Sourcing and Relations

Importance of Supplier Sourcing Decisions