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'Don Sexton has managed to weld key ideas from marketing, economics, finance, and statistics to explain clearly how marketing drives the financial performance of a company. Furthermore, he has given us forward control through his Customer Value Added metric that allows us to predict a company's future performance.'

JC Larreche, INSEAD Alfred H. Heineken Professor of Marketing, author of The Momentum Effect

'Customer Value Added combines a discipline with an insightful approach to assessing and capturing the intrinsic value of business opportunities.'

Scott Fuson, Vice President, Specialty Chemicals and Global Executive Director Life Sciences, Dow Corning

'Value Above Cost reminds us that superior financial performance must be at the heart of every decision and every action we take as business professionals. And in addition to bringing fresh insight and accompanying techniques, the Customer Value Added metric provides a formula with which to measure results and the tools to deliver on that responsibility.'

Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President, SAP

Foreword by Bob Liodice

President and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers

A Breakthrough Approach to Managing and Measuring Customer Valueand Maximizing Financial Performance!

* Establish rock-solid linkages among marketing, branding, and business performance

* Use CVA« to structure your organization and develop winning strategies that maximize contribution

* Contains practical tools and worksheets you can start using right now

* Learn from the experiences contributed by senior executives from more than 30 leading organizations

Want more revenue, contribution, and profits? Then start managing, measuring, and optimizing the most crucial driver: Customer Value Added (CVA«). In Value Above Cost, award-winning professor and top consultant Donald E. Sexton demonstrates why CVA« is such a powerful tool for quantifying customer value and the business activities that achieve it. Using CVA«, Sexton demonstrates how to systematically and incontrovertibly link your company's marketing and branding activities to business financial performanceand build a marketing accountability scoreboard that tracks your effectiveness every step of the way. Sexton draws on his experiences working with enterprises of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500, sharing powerful insights drawn from disciplines ranging from marketing and economics to finance and beyond. He illustrates these ideas with cases contributed by numerous successful managers. Along the way, he offers a complete blueprint for CVA« maximization: one that will be indispensable to CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, strategists, managers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Foreword xviii

Acknowledgments xx

About the Author xxi

Chapter 1: Marketing and Financial Performance 1

Chapter 2: How CVA« Affects Financial Performance 33

Chapter 3: CVA« over Time 65

Chapter 4: Perceived Value 89

Chapter 5: Costs 127

Chapter 6: Managing CVA« 151

Chapter 7: Managing CVA« over Time 181

Chapter 8: Utilizing CVA« for Strategic Decisions 211

Chapter 9: Utilizing CVA« for Marketing Program Decisions 247

Chapter 10: Building the Marketing Accountability Scorecard 275

Chapter 11: Organizing to Manage CVA« 293

Endnotes 311

Index 329