Automotive steering, suspension, alignment (5th Ed.)


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This book fills the need for technical information that correlates to the National ASE Certification Test and the NATEF Automotive Program Standards for Automotive Content Area A4, (Steering and Suspension). Real world examples help users prepare to take and pass the ASE certification test. The major emphasis is on diagnosis and troubleshooting automotive steering and suspension systems. Along with ASE content, information is included on drive axle shafts, CV joints, and rear axles.
1. Safety Precautions, Shop Practices, and Special Tools. Safety Precautions. Shop Practices.. Special Tools. Wheel Alignment Equipment.. Personal Protection Equipment. Occupational Safety and Health Act. Fire Safety. 2. Chassis Problem Diagnosis. Gathering Information.. Analyzing the Information.. Strategy-Based Diagnostics. 3. Electrical and Electronics Basics.. Safety. Electricity and Electronic Principles. Electrical Test Instruments and Testing. 4. Steering Wheel, Steering Column, and Steering Gear Service. Steering Wheel and Column. Steering Column Diagnosis. Steering Gears. Standard Steering Gears. Rack and Pinion Steering Gears. 5. Steering Linkage Service. Identifying the Steering Linkage. Inspecting and Replacing Components.. Measurements and Adjustments. 6. Power-Assisted Steering System Service. Power Steering Fluid. Drive Belt Service. Power Steering Testing. Hoses And Fittings. Power Steering Pump. Power-Assisted Steering Gears. 7. Four-Wheel-Steering System Service. Identifying a Four-Wheel-Steering System. Rear Steering Gear, Actuator, or Power Cylinder. Steering Angle Transfer Shaft. Electronic and Hydraulic Controls. Power Steering Pump. Rear Steering Linkage. 8. Shock Absorber, Strut, and Spring Service. Identifying Shocks, Struts, and Springs. Shock Absorbers. Struts. Springs. 9. Suspension Linkage Service. Suspension Ball Joints. Bushings. Knuckles. Control Arms. 10. Rear Suspension Component Service. Trailing and Semi Trailing Arms. Antiroll Bars and Other Suspension Links. Rear Axle Steering Knuckle and Ball Joint. 11. Basic Axle and Driveline Service. Axles. Driveshafts. Driveline Joints. Diagnosis of Driveshaft and U-Joint Problems. Driveshaft Balance. 12. Electronically Controlled Suspension Service. Identifying Electronically Controlled Suspensions. Electronic Suspension Precautions. Electronic Control System Inspection. Electronic Component Service. Specific Manufacturer System Diagnosis. Nissan Vehicle Damping System (VDC). 13. Wheel and Tire Service. Wheel and Tire Service. Basic Wheel Bearing Service. Basic Drum Brake Service. Basic Disc Brake Service. Runout. Balancing. Tire Rotation. 14. Wheel Alignment. Prealignment Inspection. Computerized Four-Wheel Alignment. Measuring Alignment Angles. Measuring Wheel Alignment With Rear Wheel-Steering. Computerized Four-Wheel Alignment. Two-Wheel Alignment. Alignment Angle Adjustments. Special Considerations.