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The easy way to grasp and use gamification concepts in business Gamification is a modern business strategy that leverages principles from games to influence favorable customer behavior on the web in order to improve customer loyalty, engagement, and retention. Gamification can be used by any department in a company (HR, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Support, etc.), for any web–based experience (mobile, website, retail, community, etc.). Business Gamification For Dummies explains how you can apply the principles of this strategic concept to your own business model. How gamification evolved from Farmville/Zynga and Facebook and is now something that can be applied to the work environment How to build a successful gamification program How to entice and retain customers using gamification How to drive employee behavior inside your organization Real–world illustrations of gamification at work If you′re interested in learning more about this exciting and innovative business strategy, this friendly, down–to–earth guide has you covered.
Introduction 1 Part I: Basic Training: Grasping the Basics 7 Chapter 1: Gamifi –wha? Introducing Gamification 9 Chapter 2: Head Case: Understanding What Makes Users Tick 23 Chapter 3: Object Lesson: Establishing Business Objectives 37 Chapter 4: Target Practice: Targeting Desired Behaviors 51 Chapter 5: You Win! The Rewards of Rewarding 65 Chapter 6: Game On: Understanding Game Mechanics 93 Part II: Decisions, Decisions: Choosing a Gamification Framework 113 Chapter 7: Freeze Frame: Understanding Gamification Frameworks 115 Chapter 8: Customer–Facing Frameworks 131 Chapter 9: Employee–Facing Frameworks 155 Part III: Getting Your Gamification Program Off the Ground 173 Chapter 10: Choosing a Gamification Provider 175 Chapter 11: Key Expertise for Your Gamification Team 187 Chapter 12: Ready, Set, Go! Configuring and Deploying Gamification Elements 193 Chapter 13: Analyze This: Understanding Analytics 211 Chapter 14: What&rsquo,s Next: The Future of Gamification 235 Part IV: The Part of Tens 243 Chapter 15: Ten Additional Gamification Resources 245 Chapter 16: Ten Great Gamified Sites and Apps 251 Appendix: Supercharge Your Sales Team with Gamification 257 Index 265
Gamification For Dummies is for those readers interested in learning more about this exciting and innovative business strategy and who are looking for a guide that brings the academic concepts down to earth and provides real–world illustrations of gamification at work.

Kris Duggan is a thought leader of innovative ways to incorporate game mechanics and real–time loyalty programs into web and mobile experiences. Kate Shoup has written more than 25 books, has co–written a feature–length screenplay, and worked as the sports editor for NUVO newsweekly.