Introduction to Food Toxicology (2nd Ed.)
Food Science and Technology Series


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The rapidly expanding field of food safety includes many new developments in the understanding of the entire range of toxic compounds found in foods -- whether naturally occurring or having been introduced by industry or food processing methods. This 2e of Introduction to Food Toxicology explores these developments while continuing to provide a core understanding of the basic principles of food toxicology.

*New information on:
--Solid-phase extraction, immunoassay, and LC/MS
--Mechanisms of regulation of xenobiotic activation and deactivation
--Developments in the modes of action and impact of natural toxins in food plants
--A comprehensive review of the issues surrounding dioxins
--The function of antioxidants and their toxicological aspects
--Acrylamide, its occurrence, toxicity and regulation on its use
--Phytochemicals, their beneficial effects and the modes of action of this growing group of nutraceuticals from food plants
--Diet and drug interactions
Principles of Toxicology; Determination of Toxicants in Foods; Biotransformations; Natural Toxins in Marine Foodstuffs; Natural Toxins in Plant Foodstuffs; Fungal Toxins Occurring in Foods; Toxic Food Contaminants from Industrial Wastes; Pesticide Residues in Foods; Food Additives; Toxicants Formed During Food Processing; Phytochemicals
Professionals and those in academic institutions. Upper level undergraduate students in Food Toxicology; Foodborne Hazards; Nutritional Toxicology and Food Safety;Public Health. Entry level food safety and industry professionals. Those seeking continuing education credits and independent readers as well. Educated consumer readers interested in food sources and public health issues.
Course names: Food Toxicology; Foodborne Hazards; Nutritional Toxicology and Food Safety; Food Toxicology and Safety; Public Health