Introduction to Food Toxicology (2nd Ed.)


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The rapidly expanding field of food safety includes many new developments in the understanding of the entire range of toxic compounds found in foods -- whether naturally occurring or having been introduced by industry or food processing methods. This 2e of Introduction to Food Toxicology explores these developments while continuing to provide a core understanding of the basic principles of food toxicology.

*New information on:
--Solid-phase extraction, immunoassay, and LC/MS
--Mechanisms of regulation of xenobiotic activation and deactivation
--Developments in the modes of action and impact of natural toxins in food plants
--A comprehensive review of the issues surrounding dioxins
--The function of antioxidants and their toxicological aspects
--Acrylamide, its occurrence, toxicity and regulation on its use
--Phytochemicals, their beneficial effects and the modes of action of this growing group of nutraceuticals from food plants
--Diet and drug interactions
Principles of Toxicology; Determination of Toxicants in Foods; Biotransformations; Natural Toxins in Marine Foodstuffs; Natural Toxins in Plant Foodstuffs; Fungal Toxins Occurring in Foods; Toxic Food Contaminants from Industrial Wastes; Pesticide Residues in Foods; Food Additives; Toxicants Formed During Food Processing; Phytochemicals